A move that stunned the entire chess world | Kramnik vs Anand, 2008 #shorts


  1. The Prime off Vishy is far more underrated than that of Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik or Magnus

  2. Love how Indians hype up stuff related to them. For those who didnt understand I am being sarcastic

  3. H3 would have been a good move tho… He should've sacrificed the bishop to make a escape square for his king… And he can promote any two of the pawns or any other pawns.. since his pawn structure is better than vishy

  4. Please stop saying vishy Anand bro because the foreigners could not pronounce his full name so the called him like that……..As an Indian proudly call him vishwanath anand or simply anand

  5. What the game, I saw 3 times to understand the both moves. How they think beyond limits

  6. Sorry to ruin the party, but this not such an insane move…
    We play such moves in blitz game in lichess.

  7. what's the analysis after .. ne3! and if white goes h3? will the one piece compensate for the 2 connected pass pawn?
    because h3 rxf1 kh2, or nxf1 then what's next?

  8. The best time. This year computer move not yet considerated. Draw games is rare. People just play for win. 1990-2010 chess era is amazing

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