Back Rank? Vuković’s? Arabian? We’ll See

With so many checkmate patterns looming, you are bound to like one of them.

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  1. I have an idea…….. if white kd6 if any of the black pieces take white Qh7 the Qh8 is checkmate

  2. this is the very best puzzle i have ever tried to solve so far (i have seen all sorts). i knew it started with a queen sac, but i ran into a problem with …Kxh6 var after the discovery (double check, always potent). i knew white couldn't let the rival king reach g8, so of course .Nf6+ prior, but i was trying to calc my own abstract (yeah, i know) line involving: …Kxh6 .Rh3+ and after …Kg5, then .Nh7+, covering the dark squares and a nice conjunction to white's light square bishop. anyway, i totally dismissed the vid’s line because i noticed white’s knight hanging on f6 (an illusion). So ultimately, the white knight sitting on f6 is just absolutely beautiful! i analyzed three variations where white mates on g6 with rook (bishop and rook battery). funny, i kept saying to myself after vid’s concluding line of …Kh8 .Bxg7+, “But he can take back with the King!” hahaha, nope, because white has .Rg3+ and… what looks like just simply …Kxf6 (white’s knight on f6 is the dynamic corner stone of this entire awesome puzzle), then .Rg6 Checkmate! Thank you for the puzzle.

  3. My wrong answer was knight f6 first. If takes with Bishop queen G7 is mate in one. But if king moves f8 it's harder. I thought maybe deliver check again knight h7 but then I block my own queen from mating when king moves back.

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