Bill Gates Loses In 12 Seconds

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  1. Instead of capturing with the night at the end white should have moved the queen or something else because it wouldnt have been checkmate cuz the night could have taken it

  2. It’s not check mate because if the night goes in front of the queen you can the sac your queen for blacks night

  3. Bro you still could have put the night in front of the queen and that would have saved bill gates

  4. There was a way for it not to be checkmate if the night on c6 stayed there to protect from mate, but magnus could have taken it in one move

  5. i5 horsey sac,then queen takes white horse,white queen takes black horse then,black queen takes white queen and boom:)

    Lol this isn't a puzzle

  6. Magnus to Bill: I can beat you in chess in 12 seconds

    Bill to Magnus: I can hack your computer in 12 seconds

  7. that reminds me that my old speech teachers like uncle or dad used to play chess with bill gates

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