Chess Is SOLVED?!

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  1. im actually suprised it's not fully solved but yeah i understand that our computers just to weak

  2. Chess 2 can bbe created but unfortunately we can't becauase the Dev's are in the 1700s and our time machine is broken

  3. To put into perspective your ps4 is probably 1 or 2 terabyte at most. For only 7 moves it requires 140 TB is insane 😅

  4. We need something more, like instead of an 8×8 table a 8×10, or this game is solved

  5. Dr strange called and said he saw 3000 next moves, and Magnus only won in one of them 😔

  6. no its not, 140 TB = 140 × 1024² MB
    it doesn't matter but u shouldn't post wrong information on social media

  7. "We need chess 2.0" i need a video of him.playing a game called 5d chess with multiverse time travel (on steam).

    AND HE SACRIFICES THE ROOK… wait no he just sent it into a new timeline

  8. For a practical comparison this is basically a server, with modern hard drive technology.

  9. I kmew this 7 years ago and my iq is 213 , my rating on leechess is 3451 , om a good also won 15 mil on poker , magnus is a doll for me , u wiĺl hear frim me in 4 years im 14 now and not allowed to say that

  10. i actually did a research and found that the 7-piece tablebase should be around 18 TB… but to be honest its actually still big!

  11. I will never understand why people started forcing so much their facial and voice expressions. I mean, it is like youtubers and tiktokers are actually modern clowns.

  12. Fun fact is putting the tablebase into an engine actually makes them weaker in some scenarios when playing against opponents without a tablebase as they may accept a disadvantageous position just to avoid some extremely long mate

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