Chess Mistake Everybody Makes

Chess Mistake Everybody Makes

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  1. Opponent didn't have to queen at that moment, right? Because it doesn't take a grandmaster to figure out they'll be skewered on the next move.

  2. …Qg3+ or …Qh2+ skewer and gimme your queen, White, you won't need her. 👑❌

  3. Qg3 or Qh2 Skewer, and then, go o nto win the gasme, be carefull to avoid stalemate

  4. For anyone who thinks ”why isn’t this still a draw” black has Qg3 then after any move Qxb8 and you can win with white

  5. your puzzles are great, they are hard enough to actually improve your vision in the game and not too hard to the point of not helping at all and just making you feel dumb

  6. Queen h2 puts the king in check and we win the queen
    (If I'm wrong don't be mean because i suck at chess)

  7. Qh2 check kingmove queen take the other queen check him to the corner with king and queen and checkmate

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