Easier Than Ever To Become a #chessgrandmaster #shorts


  1. An interesting point of view. If one wanted to mathematically prove that it was harder then to be a GM than it is today, one would have to get the "percentage of GMs". Simply (Number of GMs in year x)/(Number of FIDE registered players in year x). An important thing to note nowadays is the engines. In his most recent podcast Caruana said that it took him a month to prepare his Black openings for the 2020 Candidates. He estimated that today it would take him 2 or 3 days. And everyone has access to that.

  2. Okay. So, given that GM’s now have access to a plethora of top flight prep materials, they too are going to become harder to defeat en route to the GM title.

  3. I like Dojo podcasts by some things like for ex this i find very very not convincing. Like…ee the rating is deflating for 15 years and there is a swarm of very young strong underrated kids and you are saying it it is easier now…Baauuss 😉

  4. With all of the training material available to everyone and the massive number of players worldwide, it's obviously harder today to beat the competition.

  5. I don't buy it. The skill of players has gone up. Today's 2400 is yesterday's 2500 etc…

  6. GM Larry Kaufman recently said in an article that ratings inflated between 1970-2006, then deflated back to the 70's level by today. It is now, disregarding geographical constraints, the HARDEST time to become a GM.

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