First game in 1379 days

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  1. What about..landing the Mars don't think maybe that took more human intelligence than classical chess?

  2. is anyone gunna talk about how there is a penis in the picture of a person at the start of the video

  3. the Vsauce music makes it feel like i’m watching a leaked alternate dimension Micheal that our dimension was not supposed see: in this dimension Micheal adores chess, maybe a bit more than the average person…

  4. What even is classical chess and how is it different from regular chess? Is the fers/farzin there instead of the queen? The pawn can’t move two spaces? No En passant? The rook jumps 2 spaces diagonally?

  5. I love classical chess but it is not the pinnacle of human intelligence lmao.. The “owner” of that title is likely undefinable but probably involves photolithography or something along those lines

  6. “And Magnus won.” That’s it?! I didn’t expect that cause of how straight forward it was

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