FOUR BRILLIANT MOVE IN A ROW 🔥🔥🔥 #brilliant #checkmate #chess #queen #rook


  1. Explanation:If the queen is taken in any way for the first brilliant then rook to e8 rook to f8 rook to g7 king to h8 then rook takes f8 is mate. For the second brilliant the man played it to deflect queen from e8 square and if queen took its the same thing again. For the 3rd brilliant the rook is trying to attract the king back to g8 and for the 4th brilliant king has to take then rook e8 rook f8 rook takes f8 mate.

  2. Чтл мешает вместо хода ферзь f5-d7 поставить на против чёрного ферзя(королевы) поставить ладью которая рядом с королём.

  3. Even Magnus can’t solve this chess puzzle in 1.000 minutes 😭Even Stockfish can’t solve this chess puzzle in 1.000 minutes 😭Even Galaxy can’t solve this chess puzzle in 1.000 minutes 😭Even Aliens can’t solve this chess puzzle in 1.000 minutes 😭Only he can 💀💀💀

  4. The first movement was just a useless sacrifice, the queen sacrifice was also useless,

  5. the knight sacrifice opened up the queen with tempo (attacking rook) and the queen sac got material back with more tempo because if you take then you get mated, then the next queen sac if queen takes its checkmate again, and then the queen and rook sac if queen takes queen (mate is shown) but if rook takes rook queen takes queen gets back material and checkmate is unstoppable anyways, any other move also just leads to checkmate

  6. if he takes the queen it would have been mate in 3 that being rook e8 , rook to f8 then the other rook on g3 to g7 and then king moves to h8 and then the rook on e8 takes the rook on f8

  7. When black offered queen d7 queen trade if you traded the queen's and rook to e8 checkmate

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