How to End a Game in 6 MOVES! #shorts

The best part was that they analysed the game after the draw😂

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. why a draw? they are playing the Petrov Defense that is so studied that it is known for making draws so they prefer not to waste time and make a draw once and for all, playing a Petrov defense at those chess levels is practically offer a draw

  2. This has been played so many times that at that level it's just draw against a human. Like they've I'm sure memorized the whole theory for atleast 25 mover each next. Believe me i know this line myself for next 15 and I'm just 1900😂😂

  3. Nepo likes Petrof defense. It's a Russian opening. And it looks as if, fabi don't like it. 😁.

  4. Nepo: I offer a draw
    Fabi: I accept
    Spectators: thanks for an entertaining game !! Can we have our money back.

  5. Bruh the moment black attacked that pawn with the knight they both knew this shit wasn't gonna be fun

  6. thats not impressive i know how to end a game in 2 moves, you start with f3 and then g4 that opening is so powerful it is mate in 2 moves

  7. Well they just drawed

    I bet I can offer a draw without lookting at the board.. let alone the person himself 💀

  8. When u know it's a draw anyway in the next 37 moves so u say let's save ourselves the time and grab some ice cream 😂😂

  9. I never understand why they draw so early
    I get it it’s a tournament but what’s the point of in playing like a bitch
    You gotta go in guns blazing if you lose you lose if you win you win if you draw you draw

  10. This is why some tournaments require 40 moves before any draw offers. It's a good rule.

  11. When you wanted to become a Hockey Player, but due to family pressure you became a Chess Player

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