Magnus Carlsen Cannot Believe This! #shorts

Magnus’ Expressions Says it All 🥵

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Yooo guys can someone tell me why the other player didn’t take Magnus’s rook? I’m new so I don’t really know

  2. I can feel what magnus feel all of the piesis
    All together just gave you anxiety when someone move something random they would panick

  3. Bro Magnus looks exactly like a co-worker of mine the only diff is that my co-worker is Hispanic.

  4. lol, I've just had the same principle in my game, sacced the rook and pushed the pawn but stalemated xd

  5. These guys play too fast and make really stupid mistakes. Beat The Clock and Chess seem like two different games.

  6. Magnus shaking at the end of the game shows how brutal playing in a tournament can be. They say the brain can burn 2000 calories during a long chess match.

  7. Why did opponent calson keep playing with 3 pieces, it was obvious that white had won!! can someone explain to me please? my grandfather taught me never to continue the game when in that situation because white would have already won and out of politeness you shouldn't continue, isn't that the case anymore?

  8. He was relieved thinking ‘finally’ as he must have been expecting resignation several moves ago

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