Magnus Carlsen ILLEGAL MOVE

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  1. i won because he did it last but you technically did it first right so you should have lost

  2. Kd3 is not an illegal move, why did you say Magnus respond with an illegal move too?

  3. Bro rlly said
    "If i drank acid and the second Guy dranked it to he will die first"

  4. The first illegal move it is like USA and Russia If USA sends a nuke and Russia respond with a nuke who destroyed the world? Well both but USA caused it

  5. He should change his channel name to magnus Carlson fanboy page inc 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷

  6. Senior referee was right. Magnus's opponent made an illegal move first so Magnus already won

  7. The referee is a moron and the opponent is an asshole. If it was not OTB and was online, the computer would not have let the opponent play that move at all. He knew what he was doing playing that stupid ass move.

  8. Magnus should win because it means that illegal move was done because of the first illegal move.

  9. It's like pointing a gun at someone threatening them and eventually shooting them, but they also have a gun and they shoot you, but you shoot on the feet, but the shot on the upper arm

  10. Dude if i ever made a mistake like that out of pure duty i would resign like why should magnus suffer because i made a mistake

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