Magnus Carlsen SAD after he Blundered! 😳 #shorts

Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #magnuscarlsen #magnus #hikarunakamura #worldchampionship #chessgame #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts
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  1. When magnus does a blunder : bad position and one pawn downWhen i do a blundrr : queen hanginf ans mate in 1 missed

  2. Fake information he sir dhoni ne nahi sachin sir ne bullya tha , well that's the reason why we call dhoni credit Steller

  3. also chess is not world bro, i do not love chess, not the first comment, just tell me what not to do i do not want to make any carrer in chess at all also theren't 9 replays to this comment

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