Master the Discovery Check Trick in Chess

Master the Discovery Check Trick in Chess

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  1. The Queen is not for free if he goes king E8 cause Queen E7 blocks the next rook

  2. How did the poor knight get stuck on a1? If it was on any other safe square, it would be a draw…poor knight 😢

  3. After the king zigzags behind the g-file rook, note the queen can block the h-file check — and there is still one last trick ….. Rc3 to trap the knight in order to make a winning endgame. …. Mate in 34!!

  4. You move the king back to give a check, they have no choice than to sac the queen and then check mate

  5. At 0:51 you could have checkmated him instead of taking the queen by just going with the king at h3 to g2

  6. why cant queen just block and if rook takes king takes and its a rook v knight which is a draw

  7. The conclusion is you just take the queen with the rook and after the king takes you move the rook to C3 to jail the horse in the stable.

  8. How do you win Queen now😂 :- By checkmating king

    White King:- Your Queen is mine😂

  9. In the end, after winning the queen, you should do Rc3 to trap the knight, right? otherwise knight vs rook endgame is a draw

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