New CHESS Rule

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  1. When i was younger i always used to play chess like that with my family until I actually learned the rules lf chess.

  2. Okay, now can I smother myself into the corner in either side as well? I love castling really long.

  3. This is probably not a good idea but imagine you could castle with your queen in order to start attacks or maybe to defend things like I said probably not a good idea but rate it 1-10 in replies

  4. Can I castle short but put my rook where the king came from?
    That’s the real question.
    Because the only reason I castle queenside is to save the move where I move my rook out from behind my bishop’s pawn that I didn’t move because it wasn’t blocking me from developing minor pieces.

  5. Highdea 😂… I got it immediately coz I was high- hea🤣🤣😎😎… Oh my lungs 🙆🏾‍♂️🇿🇲

  6. Time for serious stuff (crack): what if you could castle with every non moved figure? In the case of adjacent fields, it would degenerate to "king is jumping over" . What if this could transform color of bishop?

  7. Castling is a highdea, wtf is my tower jumping over my king like he's a gap between fucking buildings

  8. Im no expert, but I imagine the reason you cant do that is because it would require the king to move three spaces. The two it already moves in castling is a stretch of the kings abilities already. Kings should only move one square at a time in general; the castling is already OP.

  9. My 6 yo cousin invented a chess rule, where you roll a die before every turn and you can make as many moves as the die shows. You should try to play it.

  10. As a member of the bong cloud society. I propose pawns to keep their two turn dash, until their close enough to promote w/ the dash intact. And promoting into a horse lets you move in 2 Ls. Idek how broken that’d be.

  11. I don’t think that’s a good idea, because the whole idea of a castle is your king to move two spots and the rook to move to where the kings first spot was (if that makes any sense). While it would be interesting to see in a chill no-stakes game, I don’t think it would be a good addition to official chess tournaments.

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