New CHESS Rule

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  1. I mean w**d is legal in New York now but probably on Coca-Cola his mind turned off from all the sugar

  2. When i was younger i always used to play chess like that with my family until I actually learned the rules lf chess.

  3. Okay, now can I smother myself into the corner in either side as well? I love castling really long.

  4. This is probably not a good idea but imagine you could castle with your queen in order to start attacks or maybe to defend things like I said probably not a good idea but rate it 1-10 in replies

  5. Can I castle short but put my rook where the king came from?
    That’s the real question.
    Because the only reason I castle queenside is to save the move where I move my rook out from behind my bishop’s pawn that I didn’t move because it wasn’t blocking me from developing minor pieces.

  6. Highdea 😂… I got it immediately coz I was high- hea🤣🤣😎😎… Oh my lungs 🙆🏾‍♂️🇿🇲

  7. Time for serious stuff (crack): what if you could castle with every non moved figure? In the case of adjacent fields, it would degenerate to "king is jumping over" . What if this could transform color of bishop?

  8. Castling is a highdea, wtf is my tower jumping over my king like he's a gap between fucking buildings

  9. Im no expert, but I imagine the reason you cant do that is because it would require the king to move three spaces. The two it already moves in castling is a stretch of the kings abilities already. Kings should only move one square at a time in general; the castling is already OP.

  10. My 6 yo cousin invented a chess rule, where you roll a die before every turn and you can make as many moves as the die shows. You should try to play it.

  11. As a member of the bong cloud society. I propose pawns to keep their two turn dash, until their close enough to promote w/ the dash intact. And promoting into a horse lets you move in 2 Ls. Idek how broken that’d be.

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