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  1. It should just work as turn based, if he moved his king next to the other king then the next turn the king should be able to take the other king

  2. Saying if you can take the king in chess is pointless as it’s the same as checkmate, It’d just take up one extra move and amount to nothing

  3. i think ther should be an alternate version of ches where you can take the king and the goal is too captur eery piece the opponent has, and when they run out of material, you win. Like if you woudl want to see this game played competitively

  4. Should make it you can only do it if you have more pieces on the board then the other player

  5. My friends are dumb
    I was playing chess with one of my friends he captured the king and says this is another gamemode💀💀
    i ask a topper they also say we are maybe able to touch kings 💀💀💀

  6. A king cannot put itself into danger. The next chess game if White or Black does put the king into a square a piece is controlling, the player can crazily capture the king, then it's an immediate loss for the opponent.

  7. Im still fucking wondering to this day how he even manage to make a move like that

  8. Probably his brain was just exausted, sometimes it happens and the brain stops making the most simple connections, its like burnout from overthinking

  9. It's REALLY unsatisfying when checkmate you don't actually capture the king the game just ends

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