Promote A Pawn In 10 Moves Against A GM?!

Of course, Sabino Brunello did not accept the rook sacrifice of Nijat Abasov in the actual game.

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  1. When the bishop racked the gun, I heard in my head; "Vaya…con dios." Lmao

  2. My best minutes of my day are watching Gm Smirnov
    Unless a Girl somehow says "Stop You are making me blush" then No offense to Gm Smirnov but
    Nevermind I just remembered
    Bros before Hohohohos
    Teacher before you meet her

  3. Sussy bots are loyal supporters😔✊
    No respect for them
    Thanks for the effort
    Y'all always come first
    Before anyone

  4. After c7, black can just play Nc6? If promoting Black can block Nd8, and if take Rd8 stops promotion? What am I missing?

  5. Ignore this
    I calculated this without the knight on e5
    Blindness 100

    After rook takes a7
    There still are equalizing chances after knight takes pawn
    Rook takes rook
    Knight blocks check
    And then pawn to f3 trapping the bishop
    Then pawn to e5 to release the dark bishop in an attempt to stop the king from going near the bishop and tickle it
    Then Pawn to D5 sacrificing that pawn to block the diagonal and king F2 King
    Black plays random move like pawn H5 king G1 slowly coming near the bishop to touch it
    Then bishop Takes pawn F3
    Pawn takes back
    And now
    5 pawns for each side
    2 knights and a bishop for black
    2 bishops and a knight for white
    And the position is fairly equal for humans
    Though the engine calls it a 0.55 At depth 27 which I believe is a win at engine level?

  6. I like how a few months before nobody knew Abasov and now almost everybody watching knows him.

  7. That pawn was a navy seal on a mission to take over the country and become royalty

  8. Why am I feeling the move by black horse is a Noob move which even a guy in 700 elo might not do ?

  9. Can anyone explain how come losing rook at the corner is more damaging than giving away a chance to get a queen? He could have moved the knight to kill the pawn, now white will take the rook and knight moves to position beside the king. The white knight cant proceed to c6 as bishop and pawn are protecting it

  10. fun fact:stockfish(the strongest chess engine) thinks that pawn takes c6 is a huge blunder

  11. That is an old variation. Abasov apparently remembered it and Brunello had forgotten it or hadn't read the right books. Nothing new here — Abasov either has a good memory or re-invented an old idea.

  12. I don’t speak chess talk so he should have taken the pawn with his pawn and made him decide if he wants to lose the knight next rather than just going for the rook

  13. It wouldn't have been checkmate if black would have left the knight to die and moved his pawn to e6, right?

  14. Le my opponent playing : knight c6 to
    Prevent checkmate then get away playing f7 pawn😂😂😂

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