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  1. Even a novice player would see that d8 was mate. He/she probably had a few seconds on the clock left

  2. As black stumbles big time the white king takes a sigh of relief knowing that he wont be losing this time

  3. Coulda just pushed the pawn and had a beautiful Checkmate runway across the board with their king stuck in the middle 😢

  4. As the 12th element in the periodic table, who you might also know as magnesium, I can confirm I play stalemates a lot.

  5. I would have made a rook or queen with the last pawn and be done with it but bro pulled a stalemate. Gg

  6. Honestly, there's a difference between being bad at chess and just being plain stupid. Even my 3-week-old puppy could've avoided the stalemate.

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