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  1. Man, I would rather give 400s a good advice: stop. Fucking. Exchanging. Pieces. For God's sake, just STOP! Stop trading pieces pointlessly. Transforming a board into a pawns endgame in first 15 moves is NOT good.

  2. Thanks levy,10 months ago, I was 400 rapid now I am 1744 thanks to you bro ❤

  3. thank you so much of this….yes I suck at chess but really wanna learn but yes, I do that. 10min game and ive moved everything once in 34 seconds xD

  4. Ah but u don't realize I'm a 400 but I play like a 650 (only reason I'm still at 400 is because I don't pay attention to the bishop across the entire board

  5. I gotta admit it, im 900 blitz and i play 3 minute games. I usually spend about 1.5 of them

  6. "Go on a date" Levy played the top engine move😂😂
    Levy rocked 😎, Stockfish shocked 😱

  7. I’m glad to say I stopped doing this, but then I almost lost, by taking too much time, and then I repeated moves, and drew the game

  8. I get that quite a bit at 800, i love it when they underestimate you, especially the ones that are a higher chess rating ive destroyed so many in that way

  9. Levy also has inaccuracies, we don't last 2 seconds we last only 0.1 seconds 😂😂😂

  10. Ok so i got abt 200 elo left of games that i can do this before i have to stop… good to know

  11. "if you wanna last 2 seconds just play bullet, or go on a date or seomthing"

    that had me on the floor

  12. I have won a 10 minute match because I had 6 minutes on the clock and my opponent ran out of time

  13. Ngl, when I play the moves for scotch opening (my favourite opening as white) and my opponents follow the book moves for scotch open, the first 3 moves are finished in less than 2 secs 😂

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