STOP This Chess Trick

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  1. “here’s how you can win at chess!”
    instruction unclear! the opponent didn’t comply with the first required e4 move, the queen is stuck in a washing machine now!

  2. 2 days ago, someone want to checkmate me with scholar and ended up white resign because i take his queen with triple fork 😂😂😂

  3. Bro what i just played a game of chess and my opponent was playing as white and we played exactly like this

  4. Here's how you can 2in at chess they start with e4 and you respond with check made

  5. You forgot he can take that pawn e5 the queen can take and forks the king and the rook

  6. That's why I don't play e5 anymore, now I'm trying the French and the Sicilian defenses!

  7. Winning at chess is a complete fallacy.There is no human being on this planet who has ever won a chess game.both sides lose ,it doesn't matter…

  8. This opening is insanely common at the 800-900 lvl with people trying to get a quick win.

  9. Once a person tried this trick against me in bullet and luckily i kicked that person ass by time out 💀 maybe i was lucky to bring my queen out at the right time 😭

  10. Not me losing to the exact same moves shown in the video because i took the queen

  11. Counterpoint, just play knight to h6. Sometimes they won’t realize the knight is there and play queen f7 and just blunder the queen lol

  12. No, because they would take the pod on E5 causing a fork between the king and the rook. He even said this in one of his videos. I think it was chat GPT versus Martin

  13. This is what I always do to players when I meet for the first time(unless in a tournament) and most of them fall for it attacking my queen😂😂😂

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