The Queens Gambit

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  1. Anyone here who searched this up because of the inheritance games book series,the third book the final gambit where they've mentioned this move?heh

  2. Exactly what I needed. No other complicated explanation, just the game opening example

  3. The Catalan is actually pretty OP. Started playing it at 1600 USCF and now I'm 1810 after some months.

  4. … I used to do this all the time as a kid.
    I didn’t know I was actually using a realized strategy. All I knew is that it usually won things for me without even trying. 😅

  5. If they put their knight on e6 it destroys the whole plan because queen and knight threaten the d4 pawn

  6. QG was waste of time for me no good story no good chess content and nypho addict MC.. i enjoyed Last Night in Soho much much more for example

  7. Not Levi just brushing over the lines where black tries to keep the pawn, yes its unviable, but if you dont know each variation you could end up in a bad position, dont play the Queens Gambit without learning those lines

  8. And i actually won the game with queen gambit opening + my own moves 😊 thanks gothamchess

  9. "Now go win the game I believe in you!"
    My 600 elo dumbass: "Yeah, you shouldn't."

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