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  1. now here is the funny thing, every person who commented on this short has atleast 800+ to 10k+ likes wat

  2. "It is not even clear if Magnus is wearing Pants" — You just SAW him wearing pants..

  3. Is this top tier hillarous? Yes. Am I starting to slightly worry if Magnus is doing ok mentally? Also yes 😶

  4. if im being honest, i think magnus is going through more than just “trying to be a chad”. when youre always late or disrespecting your opponents like he did hikaru this game, i refuse to believe its on purpose. it just isnt a good look as a human being, he isnt dumb and he knows that, but hes also the best so maybe he doesnt need to care anymore. i just dont think his life is as involved in chess compared to his competitors.

  5. Stuff like that should be punished and not celebrated…
    It is super disrespectful towards your opponent
    And magnus could not loose
    If he pulls shit like there are no negative outcomes for him
    A) he loses like in this case (thank God) and everyone celebrates him as the goat who pulls "funny" stuff
    B) he wins and therefore is the goat because "he pulled such a goat move and still won" also further ridiculing his opponent

    Imagine loosing to the way to late shirtless guy…

  6. If it wasn’t online
    Hikaru gonna slap Magnus sooo hard
    He would remember for his whole life

  7. I feel like Magnus did his usual funny disrespect routine but forgot that Hikaru’s the one person you don’t waste time against in a game that short

  8. Hikaru wasn't stressing anyways cuz he already pre-moved 50 moves ahead

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