When Magnus Schooled by a Female Chess Titan 💁‍♀️

In the 2nd round of the 2018 GRENKE Chess Classic, during the post match analysis, ex-women’s world chess champion Hou Yi Fan corrected ex-world chess champion Magnus Carlsen for a particular tactic. Enjoy.

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  1. He is so shy and reserved… I think he is inlove with her…. I am a man.. Would know what the presence of that person can do to you… Today happily married almost 18yrs…

  2. You need to know who is that queen. She is China's top female player. She is actually better than Ding Liren 😀

  3. Neither of them are world champions! But they’re still probably the strongest male and female players, so lots of people forget it seems

  4. Maybe a controversial take, kinda sad in way that any time she accomplishes anything, discussion immediately jumps to her gender. Even if it were all positive (which it’s not), she should really be known for her chess first and foremost

  5. That's not some rando that's Hou Yifan Grandmaster and highest rated female chess player

  6. She isn’t just a female player, she is literally by far the strongest female player for years, literally the Magnus of female chess.

  7. I understand she was a world champ but how do we know she spotted this line and didn’t run engine lines during the game. Commentators show potential variations and problems with it during the game and she too could be playing along with an engine to ask questions

  8. He wasnt schooled, he was just discussing the position, she jusy found a lime that he overlooked.
    He would be beat her 90/100 timws and draw 8 out of the remaining 10 matches.
    The fact that people have to keep pressing on "women are good" shows they are actually not (if they were you dont need to keep pressing on "woman" part).

  9. Kasparov would be like “and what does woman know about chess?? Ridiculous!” Props to magnus for humility and non sexism 😊

  10. Carlsen kinda embarrassed that how he missed that and looked surprised towards her when she told her first take night.

  11. The smile on his face, his reaction makes him so human! What a wonderful moment between persons at the top of the game, truly great.

  12. that look when you feel embarrassed in front of your crush looking at you. weeeeeeeeeeee ayiiiiiehhh

  13. In the presence of a pretty lady, blood floods the prefrontal cortex, which will turn males into idiots. -some science YouTube short from a gray long-haired astrophysist Japanese that speaks English.

  14. uuuuuum i wanna see her against him ??? cuz if she's a commentator she definitely saw the top engine moves before

  15. Why does the chinese woman look so sad and lonely? Does anyone know her contact-info so she can move to Scandinavia and marry a nice man?

  16. When you spot a tactic the world champion missed
    She felt so proud rightly so👏👏👏👏

  17. she did not school him, she just found a very nice tactic. In fact, she has not been able to beat him on the board. 7.5 vs .5 in favor of Magnus.

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