Why Magnus Carlsen is the GOD of Endgame! #shorts

Jobava was stunned🔥

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. White should moved on the pawn to d5 to check the black king. If black moves b5 or d6, it'll block the bishop from saving his a3 pawn, than white king can chops off the pawnIf black king moves to b6 and white can check @ knight a4, than if black king moves ka6 and can move to a5 or c5 and knight can move to c5 and block the bishop towards savings his pawn and than chop offs. If black king moves towards b5, Still white knight moves c5 and block the bishop from saving his pawn and chops off. Also there is to check the black king king by white black knight to c3

  2. I was wondering what was the move for white instead of Nb1 to remain in the game?

  3. Thing is with less pawns and pieces he can see 20 moves per pawn or piece in advance making him very hard to beat thats why he always tried to get into an endgame cause thats where HE decides if its a draw or win

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