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  1. Me happy because both me and my friend play chess together and she doesn’t watch chess

  2. Me controlls the centre and forgot I had to checkmate the opponent to win also me who cannot take out other pieces💀

  3. Gowtham:
    King on the side control 5 squares,
    King in the middle control 8 squares.
    Hikaru and maggi: Ok
    Play Bongcloud.

  4. so that means if an enemy queen is in last rank dancing around capturing every piece im good? thanks!

  5. Black moves a pawn and does a double fork
    GothamChess: Oops, okay guys turns out I was wrong and the best move to do in this situation is to click on a button called rEsInGn💀💀💀

  6. "Hey bro let me take out all my pieces on the centre before you can make your first move"

  7. I gotta say that as soon as i learned how to hse pawns to choke the enemy and reatrict their movement my elo went up like 150pts instantly

  8. Thank you very much, I now have my rook on e4 and my king on d5 and i'm getting annihilated, thank you very much.

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